Doing a literature review is obligatory on every student if they want their degree in their hands. Students have to develop those skills and knowledge so that they can write an effective literature reviews. We have decided to provide the required help in “how to do a literature review”, just read on the following informational text and you will be done in doing a literature review in less than an hour.

The first thing that you should now before getting the answer of “how to do a literature review” is that in order to write a critical literature review, you don’t have to conduct a brand new research work, all you have to do is just select the topic of the literature and review it effectively. You should also know the objective of doing a literature review, the main goal of writing a literature review is to provide up to date information on the particular subject to the readers and forming the grounds for the further research work.

A critical literature review is based on the idea of writing original ideas, up to the mark references, good use of terminologies along with a neutral stance on the existing and previously done research work conducted by the other authors. In order to come up with an effective literature review, you just need to search for the relevant literature on the decided topic.

You can also go for short story, novel or any book and gather all the pertinent information about the topic. You can also consult libraries and different internet resources to collect information on it. Internet can prove to be very beneficial to gather information but you have to make sure that all those resources are authentic and credible.

Before actually doing a literature review, all you need to do is read all the material you have gathered so far. You can also devise an outline before writing a critical literature review so that your review would appear to be more structured. Your literature review will be starting with a thesis statement followed by the body and a conclusion.

Therefore, I hope the above told information on writing a literature review will provide handful knowledge in doing a literature review in less than an hour.

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