6 Tips for Writing Literature Review

Literature reviews are not that difficult as they may sound to you; it just requires a thorough review of literature from your side for writing literature review. You need to analyze your literature review papers carefully for figuring out the strengths and weaknesses in a literature review. You should remember that the purpose of reviewing literature is to provide your readers up to date information.

Through literature reviews, you need to convey the knowledgeable facts about literature to your audience. In order to do that, you should have command over information seeking and critical appraisal. You should ask yourself each of the following questions before you proceed further with the literature review:

1. What should I define the readers through my review?
2. Which type of review is going to help me out in the literature?
3. What is the scope of my review papers?
4. How good am I at searching for information?
5. How well is my critical analysis ability?
6. Will my review be effective for the audience?

After answering preceding questions; you should follow the 6 tips listed below sequentially for writing literature review:

Tip 1

Keep Searching for the Information: You should look at journals, papers and books related to the literature to gather information about your review topic.

Tip 2

Read to Learn: Reading more and more will provide the better understanding to you about the review topic. You should also note down the references for your literature review.

Tip 3

Start Writing: You should start writing literature review in the light of references that you have gathered for literature.

Tip 4

Should not you think? Think again! You have started the review without figuring out whether the information you have gathered is up to date or not. See and find out discrepancies associated with the review.

Tip 5

Modification: If your review is missing up to date information; then you should modify it.

Tip 6

Citation: Last but not least, you should cite down the resources that you have utilized for your review.

Hopefully, you would have understood how one should proceed further with the literature review; thus, you must follow the tips listed above for writing literature review.

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