A literature review basically aims at analyzing the critical knowledge or the methodical approaches on a particular topic. Students find literature review very difficult to write as it includes vast research work and critical thinking. Sometimes you just begin writing your literature review after looking at the examples but this doesn't help a lot as it need a bunch of information. That is why I have compiled here all the key points to write a better literature review example in just 2 days.

Day 1:

Step # 1:

Jot down all the points that will be included in your literature review and organize them systematically, it will help a lot in coming up with your literature review at the end. Also add some details in your points that you have outlined. This will provide you a clear idea of what to write and will help you to focus on your topic.

Step # 2:

Your literature review will be started with a thesis statement that will be followed by your introductory paragraph. Then come the body of your review which will be systematically organized into several paragraphs and lastly comes your conclusion. You literature review will consist of all the information you carried out in the research work, which will be followed by your critical analysis and comments which will give a glimpse of your point of view.

Day 2:
Step # 1

It’s time to critically analyze the literature you have found. The analysis should also consist of the sources to signify the weaknesses and strengths and to identify which sources have provided the valuable contribution to your field. Evaluate your work altogether to reveal which information is pertinent to your thesis. Now, you can divide your literature into various categories.

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