A dissertation is of utmost importance as it opens the doorway to the degree, but before writing the dissertation, a student needs to write a dissertation research proposal. A dissertation proposal research is a simple document consisting of an introduction and a short summary of the possible methods that are to be conducted in one’s dissertation.

There are many chance of one’s dissertation proposal being rejected by the committee. Thus, to make it easier for the students to come up with a good dissertation research proposal that won’t be discarded, we have decided to single out 5 effective ways to write your dissertation proposal:

Step # 1: Make your topic as specific as possible:

You have to make sure your selected topic is very specific and to the point. This will help you to limit your research work, but make sure it is pertinent to your work and field.

Step: 2: Make your concepts clear about the thesis statement:

Thesis statement is something which provides a glimpse of what a reader should expect from the dissertation, so be very clear about it. For this purpose, write down at least 10 thesis statements and then select the best one you think.

Step# 3: Follow your school dissertation guideline:

Most of the schools have a set of guideline which they want a student to follow. This will help you structure your dissertation proposal after you are completed with your thesis statement. For this, consult your instructor and he will tell you what should be included in your dissertation proposal.

Step # 4: Start writing your dissertation proposal:

Now that you are completed with the above steps, start writing your dissertation proposal. If you are clear in what you want to say, you will be able to go through this, don’t worry.

Step # 5: Focus on your dissertation proposal more and more:

A well-written dissertation proposal leads towards the dissertation writing process, so make sure your research proposal is done in an effective manner.

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