Usually when students enter graduate programs, they are asked to conduct extensive research projects in order to complete their degree course. Often these students are unaware of the basic features required for writing a dissertation literature review. Following are the three steps that will help you in writing a literature review.

Discovering your Problems

When starting a research, the two most frequent issues you could come across are:

i) where to locate reliable sources, and also

ii) how to filter and sort content to ascertain what exactly is valuablefor your write-up.

Thefollowing article will address these two issues andwill also explain ways and techniquesthat will assist you to get over these troubles in your review of literature.

Begin Writing

Wasting lots of time and disappointment can be avoided simply by comprehending the method as well the structure of literature review. While writing a literature review, students have to performtwo major tasks: brainstorming and exploring the topic. You must know just what details you will require, and also you must know where you should obtain that from. Developing the bibliography needs familiarity with the libraries, both published and digital data, and the usage of citation styles of the sources.

At the early stage of study, record all the bibliographic details of the sources,since at secondary data collection stage, you may not be able tofinalize whether or not to mention these sources in your thesis. Additionally, it is a good idea to develop a list of expertsrelated to your field of study.

You can also send e-mails to well-known authors and professors. During this, you may discover thatthe students of the same university usually publish many latest dissertations, soyou can speak tothose authors or their supervisors. Offered the chance to interview, ask themwhat would they recommend if someone would like to carry out the researchfrom where they have left off.

To overcome worries for how to do literature review, an advised approach is to take into account the evolution of a topic while documenting the content. One of the most convenientmethodsis to find books that will offer customary material for your research and also discover who has mentioned them lately in their work.

Synthesizing Details

When details are found, then the next phase is to arrange them into a logical and well-connected order. It will require you to go through a lot of books and journals to spot helpful and useful sources.

The aim is to be able to present an outline of contents present in your sources like; the matter, research statement, solution and discussion so that students can be guided for writing a dissertation literature review.The abstract, summary, discussion, and conclusion chapterof every article must contain the essential details so that you can compose a sound literature review.

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