Are you doing a master dissertation and completed data collection using different methodologies but now are stuck at writing your dissertation methodology chapter?

Usually students face the problem of writing a methodology as they fail to receive proper guidance from their supervisor. They have a wide collection of data but they lack in developing a logical flow and end up writing an unorganized and meaningless dissertation methodology.

Before writing this section, students should understand the importance of the methodology, as it would help them in choosing the right kind of content for writing it.

4 Reasons To Write Dissertation Methodology…

1. Explicates the techniques and methods used for data collection
2. Provides justification for the chosen research method
3. Builds the credibility and reliability of the techniques used
4. Sound ground to the conclusion written at the end of the dissertation

Many students fail to understand the importance of writing dissertation methodology. That is why; they neglect to form a comprehensive and a descriptive chapter on methodology. To write the chapter, students need to include the following basic components

1. Review of The Sample And Instruments

Give a review of the targeted population for your dissertation. Discuss in details the participants or the sample size for your secondary data collection. Explain what strategy you implied in selecting them. It will include the demographics and psychographics.

Also, evaluate other items like questionnaires, books or articles that you use to collect data to write dissertation methodology

2. Data Collection Technique 

Elaborate on the type of method that is used for primary data collection. It comes under the credibility of the study but it is important to discuss the techniques used for the sampling of data. The size of the sample and statistical details are of great significance in research methodology.

3. Procedure/method 

For every kind of research, there is comparably a variety of research methods available. Give reasons and critically evaluate your choice of research method as this will defend your selection and will give a firm ground to you. Analyze the pros and cons of the relevant substitutes available for that study.

4. Data Analysis Techniques 

Discuss comprehensively the reliability and validity of your research technique. It will measure the level of accuracy and precision of your study. Communicate the sources of error and the significance of statistical data in your methodology to build the credibility.

If you follow these tips step-by step then you will be able to write a dissertation methodology that is extensive and well structured. Students can also look for guidance from their supervisor who is not only experienced but also has great knowledge about it.

A well-written methodology will provide substantial support to your dissertation and will increase the chances of getting it approved for publishing.

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