If you are doing your doctorate then you must have to write the dissertation in order to get your degree in your hands. This task can be quite daunting to you as it requires a lot of mental effort and it consumes too much time as well. Most of the students consult the internet to find out the answers to their dissertation questions in writing a good dissertation and this is the sole reason why we will be providing you with six things your should remember while writing the dissertation.

1. Try to follow the standard writing format:

While writing a good dissertation, you should keep in mind the standard writing format of dissertation, this should be either provided you by your college or university. If not, then you should ask your advisor to guide you with this problem.

2. Try to meet all the rules of citation:

Just like writing a good dissertation requires a proper format, citing resources in the dissertation also requires a standard format. This must also be provided by your college or university and if you have any confusions regarding this, consult your advisor to get your answers.

3. Decide the methodology to be incorporated:

There is always a methodology that is used to solve the dissertation puzzle; you have to decide which methodology would be suitable here. It is decided on the nature of the dissertation. These methodologies are known as the methods of investigation. Some of them are, qualitative, quantitative and compare and contrast methods of investigation.

4. Ask you advisor for further questions:

You should remember that you have an advisor to answer your questions; he will help you to solve your dissertation puzzle in no time. So, it is better to ask your instructor rather than asking here and there.

5. Make note of important details:

While going through all the materials, you should make note of the important facts and figures so that you may save your time a lot while writing the dissertation.

6. Don’t forget to edit your dissertation:

This is the most important thing that you should not forget, to just finish writing the dissertation is not enough. You have to read your dissertation again and again in order to make sure there is no error left in it.

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