Writing a thesis dissertation can be sometime very difficult and painstaking as it involve immense amount of research work to come up with a good piece of writing. Many people still believe that writing a dissertation is as simple as writing an essay or term paper which includes a simple introduction, body and conclusion; rather it is something more than that. To differentiate among them I have decided to highlight the format for writing thesis and dissertation.


Abstract is usually not more than 300 to 400 words which are not included in the formal word count, an abstract is a short summary of the points that will be elaborated in the dissertation, and half of the abstract should tell what a reader should expect in the thesis dissertation while the rest of it should outline some future recommendations.


An introduction should constitute only ten percent of the dissertation, as the name implies, it should be introducing the topic while also highlighting the areas that will be discussed in the coming thesis and dissertation.

Literature review:

Literature review generally constitutes twenty percent of the thesis dissertation where you would be introducing at least ten references and two to three theories while also incorporating the research questions as well.


Constituting twenty percent of your thesis dissertation, you would be discussing the research program keeping in mind the research questions that was highlighted in the literature review.


The discussion chapter would be divided into two segments, first; the analysis of the research work and the final discussion that would be comprising of the thirty percent of your whole thesis dissertation.


This chapter would also be divided into segments, first; the final conclusion and second; the recommendations for the future research work. You have to make sure you have addressed all the questions that were raised in the preceding thesis and dissertation.


This would not be included in the formal word count, quoting the resources in the bibliography section can save you from falling your work under the heading of plagiarism and this is also a moral duty to properly acknowledge the work of the other authors and researchers.

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