Imagine watching a TV serial for the first time, you like an actor and you want to know who he is. You wait till the end to see the credits to find out his name. What if there are no credits? You will be disappointed. Isn’t that right?

In the same way your reader will can be disappointed if you don’t add the bibliography part in your dissertation. Now you understand the importance of bibliography. Would you like to know how to write a bibliography?

These key factors will tell you how to write a bibliography.

• For different kind of resources there is a different reporting format. Acknowledge and apply these formats.
• Keep updating your reference record along with the research.
• Don’t ignore the basics writing rules.
• Give out all the authors’ names.
• Use mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy formats. Abbreviate the months.
• Give out all the page numbers for your references.
• Always mention the certified titles.
• The city of publication should be mentioned but country names are contraindicated.
• Abbreviate the names of the publisher.

Learning how to write annotated bibliography will always come handy because it’s necessary that you know how to write a bibliography.

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