Planning dissertation outlines is as important as writing a dissertation itself. Spending big amount of time in planning a dissertation outline instead of partying or hanging around doesn't make us feel well, but we all have to do it when the time comes. But instead of letting it come and hit you with a bang, prepare yourself to counter the damage as well as you should buckle up to face your dissertation, This is the only way you can write a cutting-edge dissertation or you would have to forget about it at all.

Prepare yourself by understanding these 12 parts of a dissertation which will eventually help you in planning and writing an outline for dissertation.

i. Title
ii. References
iii. Conceptual (The length of the conceptual shouldn't be more than 300-500 words, but not included in the reserved word count)
iv. Table of contents
v. Chapter 1: Introduction (The length of the Introduction should be about 10% of the entire dissertation)
vi. Chapter 2: Literature research
vii. Chapter 3: Methodological analysis (The Research Methodology chapters in length should be about 20% of the entire dissertation)
viii. Chapter 5: Analysis or discussion (The length of this segment should be about 30% of the entire dissertation)
ix. Chapter 4: outcomes
x. Chapter 6: Determinations (This chapter in lengths should be about 15% of the whole dissertation)
xi. 11. References or Bibliography
xii. 12. Addendum

To plan an outline dissertation you must attempt research on the given pointers.

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