Are you thinking that if you don’t use a dissertation guide you might fail your dissertation or your work may go astray? Don’t worry. Here is a dissertation guide to take care of your worries. This dissertation writing guide will help with and give you solutions you are looking for.

Most of the following basic points are those key points which you will not find in most dissertation guides but they can immensely increase your dissertation’s efficiency.

Always choose a topic of your own interest because you will be able to write better about it and your readers will have a first hand knowledge of your topic. If you don’t do this your readers will know right away. They aren't fools after all.

Any research on a topic which has been explored earlier by research scientist can bring you nothing but a failed dissertation and embarrassment.

Always break your research methodology in to two basic components

A secondary research in which you collect the already available information e.g. books, journals, articles. Etc.

A primary research is such in which you create your own information by using questionnaires or social surveys.

Without proper review and conclusion your research will be no more than just a stack of papers.

Hopefully, after reading this dissertation guide all your questions have been answered and you don’t need a dissertation writing guide anymore.

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