Engineering dissertation topics selection is not as hard as it looks. Reason being, it has an immense multiplicity of arenas from which you can pick one for your own engineering dissertation. Electrical engineering, Civil engineering, Environment engineering and Computer science engineering are some of them.

To gear up and select a good engineering dissertation topic will cause you a lot of research. You can collect data from internet or you can access worth books from local libraries.

Here I am citing some of the top-drawer engineering dissertations topics which you can use to frame your dissertation;

• Electrical Engineering:

1. Development of a system to study the motors competence and reduce kWh usage Research to study transformer losses and to condense energy loss.
2. Setting up of a control system to observe process usage of compressors.

• Environmental engineering:

1. Method mapping techniques to spot bottle necks for supply chain industry.
2. Procedure of improvement techniques to identify and remove waste in an automotive industry.

• Civil Engineering:

1. Development of sustainable homes with the assistance of renewable energy generators.
2. Research to probe properties of concrete to attain sustainability.

• Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering dissertations deal with the design & construction of machinery.

Thus, you can pick a topic among these top-drawer engineering dissertations topics to write your dissertation.

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