If you have been assigned to submit a qualitative research dissertation and its torture you to write on a research based element; then you shouldn't worry anymore as following points can help you a lot in your qualitative dissertation:

Of course, exploring knowledge is research but if you explore knowledge just on the basis of numerical (unreal) data; then research is quantitative while qualitative research can help you collect natural information.

Qualitative research dominates quantitative research in the sense of flexibility, open environment and reality.

Qualitative research sampling is a necessity of any qualitative research dissertation. Qualitative sampling involves sampling a particular group, segment or anonymous people regarding purpose sampling, rational sampling and snowball sampling.

3 ethical guidelines i.e. autonomy, beneficence and justice serve as a helping hand to researcher while conducting qualitative research.

Qualitative research methods: Participants Observation (Sample Behavioral Analysis), In-depth Interviews (Interviewing 1-2 busy lifestyle Folks) and Focus Groups (Group Interviews to gather Anonymous Sample) are very crucial to any qualitative research dissertation.

There are several merits of a qualitative research dissertation like sample share views in frank atmosphere with kindness and righteousness.

Definitely, leading points can serve you a great assistance in qualitative research dissertation and it won’t be a big issue to you anymore.

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