The methodology section should contain all of the steps you used to collect your data, invariably called as dissertation method. It should provide enough detail so someone could replicate the process exactly.

For writing dissertation methodology chapter, you have to choose appropriate methods for dissertation. Some of the dissertation methods you can use are as follows:

• Action dissertation research method (people try to improve their strategies in order to find the solution of the problem);

• Classification dissertation research method (people recognize the object, try to understand and to differentiate them);

• Experience dissertation research method (people try to find the solution of the problem being guided by their intuition and experience);

• Experimental dissertation research method (people test their hypothesis by taking a practical test);

• Participant observation (people observe the actions and the reactions of some individuals or group of people);

• Statistical analysis (people collect the data, analyze it and explain it).
Make a list of all the disadvantages of the other dissertation research design compared to the one you have chosen and then write down why you chose your method over those ones. e.g. chose snowball sampling because it allowed me to gather information quickly whereas if I had used strata sampling it would have been more time consuming.

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